The US Forest Service is planning an auction of one or any combination of five contiguous Historic West End Aspen lots on a total 1 acre portion of the 3 acres owned by the governmental agency. The proceeds will go towards construction of a new Aspen visitor center.

The lots are sized 6,600 – 11,600 sq ft allowing for house sizes between 3,200 – 3,600 sq ft per City of Aspen zoning requirements.

The auction is scheduled for Aug. 27, 13 at 10AM at the Aspen Meadows Resort. Buyers are required to put down $50,000 deposit wheteher bidding in person or online. Link to more USFS Aspen auction information .

Article link Aug. 16, 2013 ADN

The lots are located near the Aspen “S” Turn, public transportation stops and between N. 7th and N. 8th off West Smuggler, just a few blocks from the Aspen Institute campus.