In March 2011, the Forest Service presented several design alternatives for the property to the public. One option preserved the acre that is now pegged for disposal as a park-like area with a pond and interpretive trail. Instead, the triangle of land bounded by Smuggler and Eighth streets will be sold.

ASPEN REAL ESTATE — The U.S. Forest Service hopes to take advantage of a busy winter tourism season to auction off five lots carved from the agency’s prime piece of Aspen real estate. In all, the agency is preparing to offer about an acre of its West End property for sale and use the proceeds to fund redevelopment of the rest of its Aspen Ranger District facilities. The cost of rebuilding the complex has been estimated at $9 million to $10 million, according to Kevin Warner, conveyance program manager for the Forest Service. The sale of the lots — each will measure at least 6,000 square feet, as required by the underlying city zoning on the parcel — should come close to funding the agency’s plans for the rest of the site.
By Janet Urquhart, September, 1 2012 AT

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The USFS property in Aspen, bordered by Hallam and 7th St on the bottom, is slated for redevelopment. Five lots in the upper right are to be sold to fund a project that includes a new admin. bldg. and visitor center, at lower left, and other facilities. Courtesy AT and U.S. Forest Service