Developers: Vacation-home owners may not be as quick to flip their properties

Vail-area resident Jim Brinkerhoff has been in the development business for 30 years. And, like everyone else in the business these days, times are tough. But Brinkerhoff thinks he’s on track to help redefine the resort business. Brinkerhoff and two partners are working on a project in Baja Mexico and in a conversation, they talked about the next era of resort real estate, who will buy it, and why.“Buyers are looking for something affordable and authentic, that will stay that way,” they said. Their plans are to build around the landscape, which means most of the homes will be hidden from each other. People will park their cars at the main gate, then zip around the property on foot, bike or in electric carts. Brinkerhoff and his partners are pitching a resort where people are involved in activities, and get to know their neighbors. In short, it’s a vacation home for people who actually use their vacation homes.
By Scott N. Miller – Vail Correspondent, Nov. 23, 2009 Aspen Times


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