The Viceroy hotel opened in November 2009, but sales of the 152 condo units in the hotel have yet to take place as originally planned. The units began going under contract during the 2007 holiday season, when real estate prices were still high. Would-be buyers began filing legal action to get out of their contracts in October 2009.

ASPEN SNOWMASS REAL ESTATE – A would-be purchaser of a Viceroy condo hotel unit in Snowmass Base Village is suing the developer for not going through with the sale of the unit, while refusing to return a nearly half-million dollar deposit.The lawsuit, filed last week in Pitkin County District Court, is different than the consolidated action 45 plaintiffs are pursuing to get out of their Viceroy contracts and have their deposits returned. Those contract holders claim their contracts became null and void after two years, under a federal consumer protection law that requires certain documents detailing the layout of the units to be filed in that time period.In the latest complaint, the Carole Anne Levy Revocable Living Trust claimed that, unlike the other 45 plaintiffs, it wanted to close on a Viceroy unit but hasn’t been able to.
By Catherine Lutz, Sept. 7, 2010 Aspen Daily News

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