ASPEN REAL ESTATE – CARBONDALE – Landowner Leslie Wexner would give up approvals for 10 homes on his Two Shoes Ranch near Carbondale and provide a $1 million endowment to ensure long-term management of the Sutey Ranch under the terms of his latest offer to swap the Sutey property for federal land adjacent to his ranch.Wexner’s representatives delivered the “compromise” proposal to Pitkin County officials late Tuesday.The new proposal increases the amount of land that would be placed under conservation, protecting it from development, and, proponents of the deal say, addresses concerns regarding the ability of the Bureau of Land Management to manage the Sutey Ranch. The proposal is contained in a 58-page document interspersed with an additional 17 pages of maps.
By Janet Urquhart, Feb. 18, 2010 Aspen Times

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