In rural Utah sits a massive 14,000 acre luxury gated community an hour from Salt Lake City and 20 minutes to Deer Valley and Park City ski resorts.

Woodland, Utah – Deep in cattle country sits a gated community the size of Manhattan, where a small number of wealthy home owners can enjoy the feeling of living in the middle of nowhere—except for the 24-hour security, parties and cellphone access.That’s the concept behind Wolf Creek Ranch, a 14,000-acre development carved up into just 84 lots of 160 acres apiece, making the lots roughly 10 times larger than most gated resort communities. An hour from Salt Lake City and about 20 minutes from the Deer Valley and Park City ski resorts, Wolf Creek positions itself as a "private national park"—a compromise between traditional luxury developments with all the amenities and mega sized stand-alone ranches.
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By Nancy Keates, Feb. 26, 2010 WSJ

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