ASPEN REAL ESTATE – While the Wienerstube Restaurant in downtown Aspen closed its doors last week in preparation for the spring demolition of its Hyman Avenue building to make way for a new Aspen Art Museum, museum director Heidi Zuckerman Jacobson said her organization does not plan to begin construction on the new facility until fall. Instead, the museum is planning to use what will soon be a vacant lot at the corner of Hyman Avenue and Spring Street for “a series of exhibitions, programs and community happenings” this summer, Zuckerman Jacobson said. “We want to get people to think about what’s going to be in the building instead of the building itself,” she said. The downtown lot also could be used for the art museum’s summer camp programs for kids, she said….Schematic drawings for the new museum are now 75 percent complete, Zuckerman Jacobson said, adding that the design and construction team will need until the fall to be ready to build.

By Curtis Wackerle, Feb. 5, 2011 Aspen Daily News

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TOTAL Square Footage = 30,000
Square Footage Below Grade = 10,000
Square Footage Above Grade = 20,000

Three-Story Building Above Grade
Main Level & Second Story (exhibition, education, administration,art storage/art preparation spaces)
Third Story (lobby/roof deck sculpture garden/cafe/museum shop)

12,500 square feet of exhibition space
Public Exterior Roof Deck Sculpture Garden


  • The proposed new Aspen Art Museum is designed by architect Shigeru Ban and will be his first U.S. museum.
  • The proposed new Aspen Art Museum building will be a sustainable structure meeting or exceeding LEED standards.
  • The proposed museum is designed “upside-down,” so that commercial spaces (bookstore, café) are on the top level, and the street level privileges the viewing of art.

  • The building is designed to be transparent and have a connection between the interior and exterior environments.

  • The public facades of Hyman Avenue and Spring Street are covered with a screen structure made of wood (masonry/brick would be too heavy). This “wooden brick” screen is designed to match the overall characteristics of other buildings around town.

  • Spaces between the “wooden bricks” are open (no glass). Most of the glass used on the building facades is set back 10 feet behind the screen construction.
    As of this writing, the new AAM Roof Deck Sculpture Garden will be the only public roof deck in Aspen. It is designed to function as a free public space like a plaza.