Singer John Denver bought the ranch property so the Windstar Foundation, which he formed in 1976, could create “a place up in the mountains where people would come to develop a critical consciousness in regard to the earth,” according to Denver in his autobiography, “Take Me Home.”

ASPEN REAL ESTATE — The Windstar Land Conservancy is seeking to sell the 957-acre Windstar property bought by John Denver in the late 1970s. The asking price is $13.5 million. The Conservancy also intends to gain approval from Pitkin County to allow for the construction of a single-family home on a 30-acre parcel while maintaining a conservation easement on the remaining 927 acres. The proceeds from the sale would be split by the two nonprofit groups that control the Windstar Land Conservancy and own the land, the Windstar Foundation and the Rocky Mountain Institute.
By Brent Gardner-Smith, Sept. 30, 2012 Aspen Journalism

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Windstar’s Meadowland