BASALT — A dreary, indecisive sky spits the occasional snowflake into the dark, gurgling waters of the Fryingpan River. Dollops of snow cling
precipitously to boulders ringed with ice in the shallows. Across the river, the current cuts close to the snowy bank, where a tangle of willows juts from the crunchy mantle, leafless and lifeless but for a bustling chickadee.Matt Jensen of Grand Junction stands ankle deep in the river, casting methodically to a fat rainbow trout lurking beneath the surface, oblivious to a leaping fish just upstream from his position. The trout arcs gracefully from the water once, and then a second time, in a splash of outrageous color. So much for the notion that fish grow lethargic when the mercury plummets.“When most people are hitting the slopes, I’m hitting the river,” said Jensen, his gaze locked on his quarry. In an instant, his rod bows sharply, then snaps upright as an empty line hurls skyward. “Aw!!”
By Janet Urquhart, Jan. 17, 2010 Aspen Times

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Jan. 17, 2010 Aspen Times: Winter Angler Along Fryingpan River in Basalt