ASPEN REAL ESTATE — The Given Institute property in Aspen’s West End could be rezoned to allow only academic usage if a last-minute resolution gets four votes from the Aspen City Council on Sept. 20.The ordinance, which saw its first reading Wednesday, would make it difficult for the property’s owner, the University of Colorado’s medical school, from selling it, said university spokesman Dan Meyers.CU has been trying to sell the lot since late June.Meyers said CU is in talks with two potential buyers who have expressed interest in the property at 100 E. Francis St. But the proposed ordinance, if passed, could make it less attractive to the buyers because they want to use it for residential purposes.The current zoning policy for the Given allows it to be used as a dwelling. Current zoning also allows it to be demolished and replaced by a single-family residence.
By Aaron Hedge, Sept. 9, 2010 The Aspen Times

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