“If you are looking for an oasis, a place where you can quench your thirst and steady your life, St Benedict’s Monastery in Old Snowmass, CO is that place.” Fr Ron Rolheiser, OMI, President Oblate School of Theology. Purchased in the 1950’s by Benedictine monks, this haloed property features 3,720 acres with 5 miles of creeks and 1,000 irrigated acres. Surrounded by the Elk Mountains and the dominance of majestic Mount Sopris, it is the crown jewel of Pitkin County, CO. It is a dear, revered spiritual place in the hearts and souls of all Aspen and Snowmass locals. Development rights are limited but for a conservation minded lover of the Roaring Fork Valley, this is the ultimate gift to yourself, to our valley in its preservation and to God’s will. (See article). For a tour, for history, for your sales advocate, please call Tim Estin at 970.309.6163 or email.

Purchasing St. Benedict’s Monastery and its 3,720 acres of open space in Old Snowmass, Colorado, offers compelling reasons and benefits balancing spiritual, environmental, and economic considerations:

1. Natural Beauty and Conservation: Owning land in such a picturesque and environmentally significant area offers the opportunity to preserve and maintain a large expanse of natural beauty. This could be a compelling reason for conservation-minded individuals or organizations dedicated to protecting natural habitats and promoting biodiversity.

2. Spiritual and Cultural Heritage: The monastery itself is a place of significant spiritual and cultural value. Preserving this property could ensure the continuation of its religious and spiritual mission, potentially providing a space for retreats, community gatherings, and spiritual development.

3. Investment and Development Potential: While the primary allure might be its spiritual and natural significance, the land also presents potential investment opportunities. This could range from developing eco-friendly retreats and resorts that capitalize on the natural surroundings to creating educational or recreational facilities that align with conservation principles.

4. Personal or Organizational Retreat: For an individual or organization looking for a private retreat or a corporate getaway, this property offers a unique setting that promotes tranquility and introspection. It’s ideal for those seeking a break from the urban pace or a dedicated space for strategic planning and rejuvenation.

5.Legacy and Philanthropy: Owning and preserving such a significant property can be part of a larger legacy or philanthropic effort. It offers a tangible way to contribute to the welfare of future generations by maintaining a space dedicated to spiritual growth, natural beauty, and community well-being.