Past quarterly, bi-annual Estin Reports and Monthly Aspen Snowmass Market Snapshots (not in the present year) are posted below. Since this section deals with past events, it does not get priority but I am working on better organization here

The Estin Report Description

The Estin Report is the umbrella name for reports, blog posts, articles and commentary written by Aspen real estate broker Tim Estin on the Aspen market. The writing began in early 2006 with five original articles written through 2007 published in The Mountain Business Journal and a regular series of “reports” distributed every two weeks to the Aspen brokerage community in 2005-2007 on the Pitkin County Board of Commissioners (BOCC) rewriting of the Pitkin County Land Use Code.

Those articles became the foundation for what is now a regular series of weekly market activity blog posts on the prior week’s sales, monthly market snapshots, bi- annual and special reports covering the state of the Aspen real estate market.

I am a broker; I sell real estate. Writing the reports informs me on a deep level in order to better advise my clients. The priority has always been to produce objective and meaningful Aspen real estate content delivered in a consistent, timely manner. 

The website will continue to evolve with improved content and overall design.

Specific Site Resources

Current Reports – For most recent reports and monthly snapshots in the current year, see the Current Reports Section. – Weekly Aspen Snowmass RE market activity is posted on Monday mornings. “Tim Estin’s blog” is an integral and dynamic part of The Estin Report,  publishing the most current and timely, comprehensive Aspen real estate news, sales, statistics and commentary on the web.

Aspen Real Estate News Archives Section – This section was discontinued in 2015 due to lack of interest.  This is a headline list with synopsis and links to news articles on Aspen Snowmass and high end luxury real estate. It was updated almost daily and its purpose was to serve as an archival tool to learn about Aspen and Snowmass real estate issues … especially if one doesn’t know what one is looking for. –  Search by street address, by condo complex, by subdivision, by date, by MLS#, by topic, etc. – the objective is to provide a useful tool for researching the Aspen Snowmass real estate market. For example, search “Snowmass Base Village” or “Red Mountain” or “Historic West End” or “West End” or “land use code” or “ski in out”, etc.

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