Peter Estin Hut

Tim’s father, Peter Estin, was a ski industry pioneer with a unique background. Born in Prague, his family emigrated to Boston in the late Thirties. After graduating from Dartmouth as ski team captain, then an MS in International Relations from Harvard, he became Director of Ski Schools at Sugarbush, Vt and Portillo, Chile attracting east coast high society – the Jet Set and media attention to those resorts in the late 1950’s and early 60’s. Featured in numerous issues of Ski and Skiing Magazines amongst others, he wrote the book “Ski the American Way” considered by many a ski teaching classic. He was also a cartoonist, and his cartoons appeared inThe New Yorker, Saturday Evening Post, Colliers, True, American, Playboy, American Weekly, and Saturday Review. Abook of his cartoons “Jestin with Estin” was published posthumously in the 70’s. He died at age 35 of ski related injuries. The Peter Estin Hut, the 3rd hut in the Tenth Mountain Division Hut system, came about as a result of Tim’s involvement as a founding Director of the Tenth Mountain Division Hut Assoc. The hut was built in 1985 in Peter’s memory by his family.

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