1-Click search results for Aspen’s Smuggler area properties for sale above $500,000: incudes single family homes, condos, townhomes, mobile homes (in Smuggler Park), half duplexes, duplexes, vacant lots and rentals. To view rentals, sort by low to high price. The Smuggler area is on the north side of Main St, between the Hotel Jerome, Pitkin County Courthouse and the base of Red Mountain and parts of the area are along the Roaring Fork River and the Rio Grand Trail. It is within easy walking distance to everywhere in downtown Aspen. Often times, Smuggler area properties are listed as in downtown Aspen, so it’s advisable to search both areas for complete results of properties for sale in or near downtown. For more information on any of these listings, contact Tim Estin at 970-309-6163 or by email.

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