With the current economic situation and impact both from Covid and the war in Eastern Europe, US real estate markets, including the market in Aspen CO are in flux. Some Aspen CO homes for sale may not be affected but rentals and lower cost homes may feel downward market pressures over the next months.

As we experience more and more horrible events and images coming from Ukraine, many worry how much worse it will get, how long this will last and at what human cost. Day by day the situation is deteriorating.

Far less important is asking how will this affect Roaring Fork real estate?

Will this unfolding catastrophe cause an even greater exodus than the pandemic from populated areas to our relatively small rural resort environment? Will sales slow profoundly? If the stock markets falls, will there be a flight to safety as the Aspen real estate market has often been (safe harbor) or will activity and prices fall following a stock market dive as they have previously?

Already sales are slowing due to the low property inventory for sale, the inability of sellers to find suitable replacement properties in order to sell and buyers not finding what they want due to few choices.



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