2014 – 2019 Flip Job Examples – Recently re-developed or in-process flip properties.

Updated: July 23, 2019. Here are examples of redeveloped or remodeled Aspen condos and homes in the past few years. These are properties that have sold relatively recently, then been remodeled or redeveloped and sold again (flipped) or are now back on market, or likely to be coming back, at significantly higher ask prices. In a few cases, however,  nothing has changed other than the passage of time, a rising market and optimistic seller sentiment.  In real estate sales parlance, “the market is coming to them”.  These properties highlight the ‘power of the new’ or like-new built product in realizing price premiums and market appreciation. This information is not presented as a promise or guarantee of financial reward and appreciation.  Buyers and sellers are forewarned to perform their own due diligence before embarking on risky redevelopment and remodel real estate projects such as these.  As new properties come onto the market relevant to this post section, they’ll be added to the top of the page.  This is not a complete list of recent projects. For properties listed for sale below or others, please contact me at 970.309.6163 or email for additional information and showings.


100 Mountain Laurel Court, Aspen Home Flipped for Approx. 50% Gross Return in 12 Months

June 23, 2018

228 Eastwood Drive – 1971 Built/2015 Remodel to Alpine Modern

June 22, 2018

910 W Hallam #11 – Aspen Condos Re-Sale Flip

June 21, 2018

100 Red Mountain Road, Aspen CO Remodeled Home Re-listed for Sale at +120%

June 12, 2018

971 Ute Ave: Aspen Core Home Grosses 37% Return on Flip in 1 Yr

May 28, 2018

250 S Original Street F: Remodeled Downtown Aspen CO Condo for Sale

May 28, 2018

110 E Bleeker Street – Aspen West End Victorian Re-Development and Sale

April 18, 2018

Aspen Commercial Redevelopment Play – Group Buys Unlisted New Downtown Aspen Commercial Core Building for $28M

March 2, 2018

602 E Hyman Avenue Downtown Aspen Commercial Doubles in Value in 5 1/2 Years

March 1, 2018

926 E Durant Avenue Unit 1 Aspen CO Condo Do-Over Gets +55% Gross Appreciation in 4 Months

March 1, 2018

120 S Juan Street Unit 1: One Aspen CO Townhome Closes and Re-Lists

February 15, 2018

120 S Juan Street Unit #3: One Aspen CO Townhome Purchase Contract Flipped to New Buyer

February 13, 2018