Bottom Line
We are in the dead of off-season, a quiet peaceful time in Aspen many locals relish, including this one. The lowdown:
> Inventory of properties remains at historic low levels although it is ever-so-slowly inching up  from its all-time low in 2021-2022.
> Prices remain strong. In general, Aspen single family homes are trading at 90-96% of ask (for price breakdowns, see top Pg 3); Aspen condos at 90-97% of ask (Top Pg 7); Snowmass Village single family homes at 90-96% (Bottom Pg 3); Snowmass Village condos at 93-97% of ask (Top Pg 9).
> For average and median prices, see page 4.







Links to Oct 23 Aspen and Snowmass Village Sold Property Photos and Details: (Links will expire 30 days after 11.01.23)
Aspen Oct 23 Closed Properties.   
Snowmass Village Oct 23 Closed Properties. 
Vacant Lots Oct23 Closed Properties.