The Estin Report 2nd Half & Full Year 2021 in the Estin Reports section (Aspen Snowmass Real Estate Market was posted online
01/16/22 (v4.3
) ).
– The online edition covers the entire year Jan 1 – Dec 31, 2021.
– The print edition covers Jan 1 – Dec 6, 21 and was printed in mid-Dec. to reach the Christmas-New Year’s audience.  While the conclusions are the same, the most updated data is presented in the online edition.

See Aspen Times Jan 02, 2022 year end article.


The 32-page report compares year over year results and historical data from the past 10+ years.
There are two sections:
1. The Aspen Market (includes Aspen, Brush Cr Village, and both Woody Creek and Old Snowmass sales over $1.5M)
2. The Snowmass Village Market (the ski resort)
Sales are broken out by average and median prices, price per sq ft, by size, by neighborhoods and property types: single family homes, condos, townhomes, duplexes and residential vacant land/lots—all sold at over $250,000. The data is reviewed and scrubbed: commercial, fractionals, mobile homes and subsidized housing sales are not included, and older built home sales (teardowns, pre-1990) where most of the value is in the land, are more accurately counted as vacant land sales. The focus is on the upper Roaring Fork Valley as what happens in Aspen ripples outward and down valley. Source data is from the Aspen Glenwood MLS which maintains data for 10 yrs. For periods further back, data is from Estin Report archives.       

* Online v4.3 correction: a typo on bottom of pg 5 data for Snowmass Village (SMV) has been corrected.