released Feb 28, 2019 v6.8f


Executive Summary
Aspen and Snowmass Real Estate Market Now

As the Feb 2019 financial markets have stabilized over the intense volatility of Dec 2018 and the Federal Reserve has indicated a halt to interest rate increases for now, the early part of 2019 has started with a sense of relief.

By most measures, we are in the midst of a thriving and healthy Aspen Snowmass real estate market: property dollar sales, property unit sales, real estate transfer tax collections, and construction activity – all in strong, positive territory.

Since 2012, Aspen Snowmass total combined performance in 2018 was the 2nd best year for unit sales and the 3rd best year in dollar sales.  2017 and 2015 were incrementally ahead of 2018, but the three years were so close to one another in performance that essentially it should be considered a 3-way tie. (See top Pg 6.)

However, at the end of 2018, the Aspen unit sales* quarterly trend line direction for all property types for the past 10 years (see Estin Reports SMV Pace of Sales Charts 2007-2018). Reasons? …

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