The Estin Report publishes a 10-page monthly Aspen Snowmass real estate market snapshot* on or near the 1st Mon. of each month. 

Bottom Line Nov 2022: There is no question that the Snowmass and Aspen real estate market has slowed dramatically. Unit sales are indicative of market activity and they have slowed minus 55-65% in 2022 YTD compared to 2021.  Dollar sales are not down as much, in the minus 20-30% range, as prices remain strong due to low inventory levels that, while rising, continue to be at historic low levels. Some say this slowdown is a relief from the torrid days of 2020-2021 pandemic sales, and that the market has returned to pre-covid 2016-2019 levels. Yes, this is accurate. But buyers are generally in a wait-and-see mode, although there have been significant sales in Oct and Nov in the $20M+  category.  This high-high end seems unaffected. There is significant business happening as I write in mid-Dec 2022. As properties stay on the market longer and new inventory comes on the market for the winter selling season,  buyers are seeing more choices…up approximately 25% YOY. And as the stock market fluctuates in a minus 15-30% range, one would expect to see better negotiating room between ask and sold prices. During the pandemic, it was 0-3% off ask; now its more like 5-10%, sometimes more.



Nov 2022 Aspen and Snowmass Village Median Sold Prices


Nov 2022 Aspen Snowmass Village Median Sold Price/ Sq Ft 


Nov 2022 Aspen Core Sold Condos 3 Mos Avgs


Nov 2022 Snowmass Village Sold Condos 3 Mos Avgs


Links to Nov 2022 Aspen and Snowmass Village Sold Property Photos and Details:
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Snowmass Village Nov 2022 Closed Properties. This link is valid until   1/1/2023
Vacant Lots Nov 2022 Closed Properties. This link is valid until  1/1/2023

*Released 12/12/22 v1.55  The Estin Report publishes a 10-page monthly Aspen real estate market “Snapshot” on or near the 1st Monday of each month.  The Snapshot presents a “bottom line” summary and raw data of the subject month and YTD performance for residential real estate sales in Aspen and Snowmass today. It includes on and off-market sales and scrubbed data to remove “outliers”  to deliver the most accurate and relevant data available. There are (3) sections: 1) Total combined Aspen Snowmass Village Market; 2) The Aspen Market; 3) The Snowmass Village Market.  It features charts, tables and 30-day live links to photos and details of sold properties and compares the subject month to the same time in prior years. The Monthly Snapshot is the only Aspen and Snowmass property sales information widely published in a timely and consistent manner early each month.