Special to the Summit Daily, Breckinridge and Frisco, CO

In a recent article, Aspen real estate broker Tim Estin stated “When vacant land sales start to turn, it is typically a marker for a bottom and indicative of a significant market change.” According to Estin, upper valley Aspen land sales year-to-date are up 144 percent over last year; and if one includes tear-down properties purchased only for lot values, that number jumps to 200 percent. These number are real eye openers, however some resort communities are just beginning to see this kind of activity. The percentages above are based on 22 and 27 lots respectively. I had an opportunity to talk with Cynthia Kruse, owner of REMAX Vail Valley, she mentioned Eagle County is experiencing a similar trend as their previous year, with 34 lot sales year-to-date, just four over last year, year-to-date, finishing the year with a total of 103 lot sales.
By Butch Elich, June, 29 2012 Summit Daily

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