As would be expected, the past week has been the most busy of the entire summer. While inventory of homes and properties swell, and a charge of meaningful price decreases stampedes throughout the market, both up valley – Aspen and Snowmass – and downvalley, there are most definitely buyers out there, seriously shopping and cutting deals. I will fill in this and last weeks blog entries with property details as my time permits. In the meantime, should you – whether buyer or seller – have any questions, please give me a call.

Closed (2): 109945,112048 (Link valid to 9/29/09)

Under Contract/Pending (7):111600,112326,111549,112767,110035,111430,109120 (Link valid to 9/29/09)

Back on Market (2): 106773,104357 (Link valid to 9/29/09)

Residences at the Little Nell solds through August 20, 2009 (See Chart)

Totals (206 Total Units Available)
# of Units Sold 105
Total Sales Volume $147,998,000

# of Units Sold – 3 Bedroom 72
Total Sales Volume – 3 Bedroom $96,025,000
Avg. Sales Price – 3 Bedroom $1,333,681
Median Sales Price – 3 Bedroom $1,225,000

# of Units Sold – 4 Bedroom 33
Total Sales Volume – 4 Bedroom $51,973,000
Avg. Sales Price – 4 Bedroom $1,574,939
Median Sales Price – 4 Bedroom $1,350,000

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Use the search function on this site to find other research on the Residences at the Little Nell and Dancing Bear. Also, there are numerous links in the Aspen Real Estate Archives to Aspen Times and Aspen Daily News articles on the Residences at the Little Nell. And see my RLN blog posts dated Jan 1, 2009 “Holiday Sentiment”, Jan 11- 18th, 2009, and Feb. 1-8, 2009.

If you are interested in purchasing the least expensive 4 bedroom Residences at the Little Nell resale available, please contact me directly for information.

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