120616 dancing bear aspen 590w

Photo courtesy of Aspen’s Dancing Bear Residences Club

Yesterday 12/05/16: Dancing Bear Penthouse Condominium Closing – 1 unit with 8 fractional 6-week time periods, unit is 3,009 sf, closed at $16M/$5,318 sq ft (8x $2M each) for unfinished white-box wrap around penthouse.

Killer views in all directions – looking straight up Aspen Mtn, views everywhere else too, the uniqueness of this, private access, concierge level amenities. Daily maid service, etc.

To be re-listed shortly at $29.95/@$10,000 per Sq ft for all 8 shares…one floor, one unit, one of a kind.

Annual fees about $75,000 and add extras for additional a la carte amenities/services for approximate $85,000 Yr.

Guess what? It’s not crazy…the justification goes.

“One of a kind” , “irreplaceable”, are over-used terms but not when it’s true. For a singular, truly one of a few or one of a kind Aspen property, a buyer has to step up. If you want one-of-a kind, this is what you have to do.

This is certifiable ‘bragging rights’. A King of the Hill property, etc.

It’ll take 4-5 mos to get a finish-out permit. It’s a white box today.

For more details, seeDec 4 – 11, 2016 Estin Report blog.

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