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For Prospective Buyers: There is a common refrain in the market right now which goes something like this, “Sellers are facing the end of the season and looking at a big gap of non-activity during the off-season and continued uncertainty regarding the reality of a budding national and local economic recovery. It would seem these sellers would be a lot more motivated now to get a deal done than have to hang onto inventory (and carrying costs) through the off-season and face an uncertain summer.”

This is especially true in Snowmass where activity will come to an abrupt end when the ski mountain closes, and in all reality, won’t pick up again until next winter 2010/2011. Winter is the selling season in Snowmass Village: summer is very quiet.

There’s a feeling that once – or if ? – sellers make it through the spring without selling, they’ll feel stronger – they made it through the worst – and therefore perhaps more emboldened to hold to their prices this summer…” . Without meaning this to sound like ‘brokerspeak’, the suggestion is that the best time for a buyer to strike may be now. But…then again … there’s also sentiment saying that “prices could still go lower” yet there does seem to be almost universal local agreement that the big price hits have already been factored into the marketplace and that more price decreases may be incremental, not significant.

Here is this past week’s Aspen and Snowmass Village real estate sales activity for all property types over $250,000 excluding fractionals.

Closed (0): There were no closings this past week.
Under Contract/Pending (6):
MLS#’s 111639, 113338,109509, 114703, 111770, 104357, Link will expire in 30 days. Valid until4/13/2010. Breakdown: (2) Aspen single family homes – Red Mountain and West End, (1) Old Snowmass home, (1) Aspen condo, (1) Aspen Highlands condo and (1) Aspen/Cemetery Ln Duplex.

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