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Here are new charts to be updated every quarter. They are: the historic pace of dollar and unit sales since 2006 with trend lines for Aspen and Snowmass Village (SMV) separately by: 1) all properties combined; 2) single family homes; 3) condos; 4) vacant land / lots. (Fractionals, with the exception of extreme sales, are not included.)

As the unit sales drop-off in the 2nd Half 2007 so foreshadowed the Great Recession, sales velocity or pace, whether by dollar or unit sales, is extremely useful to consider.

While many real estate professionals use dollar sales as the single metric for sales performance (it often looks ‘better’), unit sales are a better measure of market activity. Dollar sales can be skewed disproportionately by extreme high or low end sales.

Clients often ask, “Where are we now compared to the Great Recession…?”. These charts offer a solid reference for that conversation. In this instance, the starting point for the trend line is 2006, but, of course, where the trend line commences will affect its outcome…If the charts had started at 2009, the trend would be more upwards at present than is shown here.

040317 Q1 2017 Estin Report Aspen Real Estate Pace of Unit Dollar Sales since 2006 590w

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by property types: single famiy homes, condos, and vacant land / lots.

040317 Q1 2017 Estin Report SMV Real Estate Pace of Unit Dollar Sales since 2006 590w

For these and additional Historic Dollar and Unit Sales charts by Quarter for
Aspen and Snowmass Village separately by single family homes, condos and vacant land / lots,
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