The new website is upon us. The infrastructure is new, the design is new and most importantly, the functionality has vastly improved for property search, property viewing and details, 1-Click searches and blog display.

This site is designed as a resource tool and archive for all things Aspen real estate related.

There will be issues and kinks to work out as we launch, but please hang in there as the site evolves and improves steadily.  There will also be design improvements. This is a work in process,  and I am fully committed to providing you with an excellent experience. If you have any problems, complaints or suggestions,  please let me know by email asap in order to fix it pronto.

The Dec 4, 2017 blog will be the 1st posted on the new site. All of the content from the old site will transfer over.  However, some text and space formatting may not transfer precisely during this process. We will attempt to correct everything over time.

My priority is to move forward with the best relevant content now and worry about prior posting cleanup later as there is the time and resources.  

Thank you for your past and future business and your continued support.

All the best, Tim