(7) Closed:110495, 108877, 109490, 110138, 108646,109634, 113537 – Link is valid till 11/24/2009.

(2) Under Contract/Pending: 110087, 102124– Link is valid till 11/24/2009.

(2) Recent Fall 2009 Closings at Winter 2005/2006 Prices: 108646, 105901 – Link is valid till 11/24/09
Buyers have started asking “Where are we pricewise relaitve to what now looks like the ‘Bubble Years of 2004-2008?” or “What year have prices fallen back to?” instead of asking what are things selling for discount to ask or discount to original prices. As of yet, there’s no firm answer, or maybe there is and more research will bear it out, but two recent October closings provide a clue:

– MLS # 108646 at 730 E. Hopkins (Aspen Core) sold 11/02/2005 at $4.3M; sold 10/23/09 at $4.3M

MLS # 105901 at 523 W. Smuggler West End) sold 03/17/2006 at $4.3M; sold 10/07/09 at $4.45M

Aspen Real Estate Snapshot: What a Difference a Year Makes – Two new Aspen West End homes, direct comparables to one another … as close to an apples to apples comparison as one could possibly get – sell in Oct. 2008 and Oct. 2009.