Bottom Line July 2021:  We are in a fast moving Aspen Snowmass real estate market where comps are a trailing indicator.

Sellers everywhere, in Aspen and Snowmass Village and down valley – at all price points and product – are testing the market with new pricing. Inventory of properties for sale is so low, the lowest in 12 years, it’s a seller’s game. (See my H1 2021 report soon to be released).

At minimum, buyers are meeting the ask prices if not more. “Deals” are not happening.

There’s a new floor that’s being set now and if/when there’s a correction, the good properties will hold value and aren’t going to go down as much. The Great Recession proved this point emphatically. Values ripple outward from the center of downtown Aspen. If they do go down, on the next market cycle upwards, these properties  will be the most liquid, will recover and appreciate more quickly than less well located, less desirable properties.  

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Links to July 2021 Aspen and Snowmass Village Sold Property Photos and Details:

Aspen July 2021 Closed Properties. This link is valid until 9/1/21.
Snowmass Village July 2021 Closed Properties. This link is valid until 9/1/21

This 10-Pg Market Snapshot v3.0 was posted 8/3/21. The Estin Report publishes a 10-page monthly Aspen real estate market “Snapshot” on or near the 1st Monday of each month.  The Snapshot presents a “bottom line” summary and raw data of the subject month and YTD performance for residential real estate sales in Aspen and Snowmass with three sections: 1) Total combined Aspen Snowmass Village Market; 2) The Aspen Market; 3) The Snowmass Village Market.  It features charts, tables and 30-day live links to photos and details of sold properties and compares the subject month to the same time in prior years. The Monthly Snapshot is the only Aspen and Snowmass property sales information widely published in a timely and consistent manner early each month.