(Photo credit: Aspen Daily News)
This story has been unnerving Aspen’s attention, patience and purse strings for way too many years with repeated and unsuccessful court appeals all the way to the Supreme Court. The tenant has been violating Aspen Affordable Housing Authority’s (APCHA) rules for years. The mother-son plaintiffs have threatened  ““I will defend my home with my life,” Lee Mulcahy said before declining to answer further questions. His mother Sandy added, “I’m gonna be in the home when the SWAT team comes, there will be blood on the hands of individuals in Aspen. That home does not belong to APCHA.”  The case may finally be coming to a court mandated and sheriff enforced end by deadline Nov. 17, 20. We, the locals of Aspen, are hopeful the rule of law prevails, there will be no violence and this saga comes to a peaceful and final resolution.
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