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The Estin Report: July 2012 Market Snapshot Aspen Snowmass Real Estate (posted Aug. 3, 12)

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Aspen Snowmass Snapshot

The Estin Report: 2nd Quarter/1st Half 2012 State of the Aspen Market (posted 7/16/12 )

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Last Week’s Market Activiy – Aspen Snowmass real estate weekly sales statistics and under contract activity appears below for all Aspen, Snowmass Village, Woody Creek and Old Snowmass properties over $250,000 in the upper Roaring Fork Valley excluding fractionals. Because the MLS links below expire after 30 days, photos and written descriptions of closed properties with excellent photography are posted here to preserve an archive of sold market activity. For sales in the past month, scroll down; for earlier dates, use the down arrow and search by time period.

Under Contract/Pending: MLS #: 126060, 125789, 126590, 126101, 125385, 124177. This link is valid for 30 days until 09/12/2012. Photos and descriptions of under contracts are not posted unless special circumstances or significance dictate.

Closed: MLS #: 125583. This link is valid for 30 days until 09/12/2012.

Aspen Snowmass Solds Last Week

MLS #125583 – Snowmass Village, Melton Ranch single family home, 365 Terrace Drive, Snowmass Village, CO: Sold Price: $1,170,000/$477 sq ft unfurnished. More details below photos.

MLS #125583 – Snowmass Village, Melton Ranch single family home, 365 Terrace Drive, Snowmass Village, CO: Sold Price: $1,170,000/$477 sq ft unfurnished;Asking Price: $1,185,000. (Original Price: $2,870,000 and 749 days on the market since 08/08/2008.) This is a 1969 built/2006 remodeled, 5 bedroom/3 bath, 2,450 sq ft single family home on 0.92 acres. Broker comments are, “Sweet, remodeled 5 bedroom family home on a terrific lot in Melton Ranch. Nearly an acre in size and backing to open space, the home feels like a private retreat. All-day sun and incredible views are available from every room. One of the few areas where you have views of the Continental Divide, plus you can see the ski runs of both AJAX and Snowmass. Hiking access to the Rim Trail is directly behind the home. Enjoy the home as is, expand or build a new home up to 4,500 sf (preliminary plans exist).” 2011 Taxes: $4,118; HOA Dues: $120 Yr. Town of Snowmass Village Transfer Tax of approx. 1.0% payable by buyer. Under Contract Date: 07/06/2012; Sold Date: 08/08/2012. (Photos and broker comments courtesy of BJ Adams & Co.)

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