The Estin Report - Aspen, Colorado
The Estin Report - Aspen, Colorado The Estin Report - Aspen, Colorado The Estin Report - Aspen, Colorado

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A primary resource for Aspen Snowmass real estate and market information. Be informed and educated with up-to-date facts. Straightforward, direct, discrete. For advice, counsel, the highest level service imaginable, call Aspen Snowmass Sotheby's broker Tim Estin mba, gri  970.309.6163

      Estin Report
Aspen real estate intelligence ©


A primary resource for Aspen Snowmass real estate and market information. Be educated with timely facts. property search, market reports, solds blog, real estate news. 24/7.   Aspen Sotheby's broker Tim Estin mba, gri.

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The clock is ticking down.

Inventory is falling, prices will rise eventually, rates still low.

(Link to Interest Rate Historical Chart since 1790).





The Estin Report - Aspen, Colorado
The Estin Report - Aspen, Colorado
The Estin Report - Aspen, Colorado

Aspen real estate. Updated regularly.

The Estin Report: 2nd Quarter / 1st Half  2014 State of the Aspen Real Estate Market was released online Fri, July 18. The print edition is now available on racks around town ... June 2014 Aspen Market Snapshot was released 07/05/14. Both are in Current Reports. The site has experienced interruptions in service and active link and email contact issues June 19-27th. I believe its all been fixed, but if you any problems, please let me know. Thank you.

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Mon. 07.28.14: The Estin Report  weekly blog on Aspen Snowmass property sales and market activity July 20-27, 2014 with (4) Closed and (18) Under Contract / Pendings property photos and details. Highlight: The under contract activity (57) properties in the past three weeks - (18) last week, (20) two weeks ago  and (19) three weeks ago,  is off the charts. See the blog for links to these properties.

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The Estin Report: Q2 / H1 2014 Aspen Real Estate

released July 18, 2014 v8.5 online

Click image for report summary and full pdf in Current Reports

The Estin Report June 2014 Market Snapshot Aspen Snowmass Real Estate

Released June 5, 2014 v2. Released on or near the 1st Monday of each month.

Click on image for June Snapshot pdf in Current Reports

Aspen Real Estate Sales Sizzle in April 2014

“April 2014 was an exceptional month. Property sales in Aspen are 94% higher for April compared to the same month last year. And YTD, dollar volume for real estate sales in Aspen is 50% higher than last year and units sold is seeing a 57% increase," said Aspen real estate broker agent Tim Estin who tracks the market on his blog, The Estin Report, in a recent news article, (See blog, recent sold Aspen property statistics , posted on 5/12/14).



The Aspen Real Estate Transfer Tax, or RETT, of approximately 1.5% on real estate sales that take place within the City of Aspen boundaries,  is used to pay for affordable housing projects such as Burlingame Ranch. The tax has generated significanlty more revenue this year through April 2014 than same time last year.

Tim Estin Joins Aspen Sotheby's Team...


In fall 2013, Tim moved to Sothebys in downtown Aspen at 300 Spring St opposite the new Aspen Art Museum. Stop by, say hello, bring flowers, kids, dogs, just yourself or give me a call 970.309.6163

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    Disclaimer: The statements made in The Estin Report represent the opinions of the author and they should not be relied upon exclusively to make real estate decisions. Information concerning particular real estate opportunities can be requested from Aspen real estate broker agent Tim Estin at 970.309.6163 or from e-Contact page. A potential buyer is advised to make an independent investigation of the market and of each property before deciding to purchase. To the extent the statements made herein report facts or conclusions drawn from other sources, the information is believed by the author to be reliable. However, the author makes no guarantee concerning the accuracy of the facts and conclusions reported herein and the information provided herein is subject to change. The Estin Report is copyrighted 2014 and all rights are reserved. Use is permitted subject to the following attribution with a link to the source: "The Estin Report on the Aspen real estate market."


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    The Estin Report - Aspen, Colorado
    The Estin Report - Aspen, Colorado

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    The Estin Report - Aspen, Colorado
    The Estin Report - Aspen, Colorado The Estin Report - Aspen, Colorado The Estin Report - Aspen, Colorado

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