The Estin Report - Aspen, Colorado
The Estin Report - Aspen, ColoradoThe Estin Report - Aspen, ColoradoThe Estin Report - Aspen, Colorado

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The primary market source for Aspen Snowmass real estate and property info. Original reports and over 10,000 pages of current and archived content. Be informed and educated. For advice, counsel and the highest level broker service, call Aspen Snowmass Sotheby's broker Tim Estin mba, gri  970.309.6163

      Estin Report
Aspen real estate intelligence ©


The primary market resource for Aspen Snowmass real estate and property information. Be educated with current facts, 1-click property search, original market reports, solds blog, real estate news. 24/7. Aspen Snowmass Sotheby's broker Tim Estin mba, gri.

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The clock is ticking down...

Inventory is falling, prices are rising, rates still low.

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The Estin Report - Aspen, Colorado
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The Estin Report - Aspen, Colorado
The Estin Report - Aspen, Colorado

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Blog: Market Activity Last Week

The Estin Report: The Sep 2015 YTD Aspen Snowmass Real Estate Market Monthly Snapshot was posted 10/04/15 in Current Reports.  The 3rd Quarter 2015: State of the Aspen Real Estate Market Report is in process and will be released when completed online.

Blog Post 10.05.15: The Estin Report weekly blog on Aspen Snowmass real estate  sales and market activity last week Sep 27 - Oct 4, 2015 with (12) Closed and (8) Under Contract / Pendings properties with photos and details. September is typically one of our most active sales months of the year. Also, see recent Before/After re-development 'flip job' examples (condos and homes) in the Misc Info Section - this post is updated as relevant properties come on the market (most recently: 08/24/15).

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recent tweets

EstinAspen Sep 13 - 20, 2015 #EstinReport: #AspenRealEstate Sales & Stats: Closed (14) & Pending (12): Two homes close over $10M last week.
EstinAspen Aug 31-Sep 6, 2015 #EstinReport: #AspenRealEstate Sales & Stats: Closed (8)+Pending (9):Hallam Lake hm sells $9.16M:
EstinAspen Aug 23 - 30, 2015 #EstinReport: #AspenRealEstate Sales & Stats: Closed (8) + Pending (9):Maroon Cr Twnhm $4.25M/$851:
EstinAspen Aug 16 - 23, 2015 #EstinReport: #AspenRealEstate Sales & Stats: Closed (5) + Pending (8): $10.5M E Aspen home sells::
EstinAspen Aug 9 -16, 2015 #EstinReport: #AspenRealEstate Sales & Stats: Closed (7) + Pending (12): $26.7M Red Mtn Home Sells:
EstinAspen Jul 26-Aug 2, 2015 #EstinReport: #AspenRealEstate Sales & Stats:Closed (5) + Pending (13) - #PrinceBandar sells home:
EstinAspen July 19 - 26, 2015 #EstinReport: #AspenRealEstate Sales & Stats:Closed (7) + Pending (13):
EstinAspen July 12 - 19, 2015 #EstinReport: #AspenRealEstate Sales & Stats: Closed (12) + Pending (9): RECORD $/SQFT SALE:

The Estin Report: Sep 2015 Market Snapshot Aspen Snowmass Real Estate


Released 10/04/15 v3 in Current Reports



Click Table for Sep 2015 Aspen Real Estate Market Snapshot (7 pg pdf)

The Estin Report: August and Summer 2015 Monthly Market Snapshot Aspen Snowmass RE

Released Sep 6, 2015 v2. See executive summary of Aug and Summer 2015 activity in Current Reports.


The Estin Report Q4 & Year 2014 Aspen Real Estate Market


Released in Current Reports on Feb 7, 2015. The print edition will be available the week of Feb.16th on racks around town, the airport, and outside the Sotheby's offices at 415 Hyman Ave Mall and 300 Spring St (my office) opposite the Aspen Art Museum.


Click image for report pdf

2015 Aspen Real Estate Brokerage Market Share Chart Q2 2015





Click to enlarge.


Tim Estin Joins Aspen Sotheby's Team...


In late 2013, Tim moved to Sothebys in downtown Aspen at 300 Spring St opposite the new Aspen Art Museum. Stop by, say hello, bring flowers, kids, dogs, just yourself or give me a call at 970.309.6163. How can I help you today?


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    The Estin Report - Aspen, Colorado
    The Estin Report - Aspen, Colorado

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    The Estin Report - Aspen, Colorado
    The Estin Report - Aspen, ColoradoThe Estin Report - Aspen, ColoradoThe Estin Report - Aspen, Colorado

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