“In 2008, (post Lehman Bros. collapse) the market stopped in Aspen, at least in terms of unit sales” says Estin, “But prices continued to rise until the end of 2009, so if there’s a slowdown now and history serves us, it’s likely not going to be as sudden a slowdown as buyers would like.” Article, July 11, 2022 Bloomberg News

In today’s Bloomberg article on the #Aspenrealestatemarket, the reporter left out an important point. In the first half of 2022, (Jan 1-Jun 30, 22), the high, high end – sales of properties above $25M – has been torrid with (14) sales and the pace of these sales has been increasing through Q2 22: In H2 2022, there were (9) sales in 2nd Qtr, or 64% of total sales over $25M, versus (5) sales in 1st Qtr, or 36%.

Conclusion: Although sales are slowing, or normalizing towards a return to pre-pandemic 2019 and 2018 levels, there remains incredible activity for properties that  meet all these requirements – location, views, walkability, river, design, newer construction…


June 2022 Aspen Real Estate Market Report


Aspen’s real estate market may be slowing but prices are not. Click image for article.