The Estin Report Aspen Snowmass Report market reports posts a 10-page snapshot* on or near the 1st Monday of each month.

Bottom Line April 2023

Inventory continues to climb yet still at historic lows; Prices remain high with slightly more negotiating room. This has been the theme this spring. It remains a seller’s market but where a seller’s mantra to buyers in 2020-2022 was something like “Beggars cant be choosey”, now a buyer may feel more likely to respond, “Yes indeedy mate! But pigs get fat and hogs get slaughtered.”.

Sales of Aspen homes above $10M are steadily picking up: From 3 sales in Jan, 4 in Feb, 5, in Mar and 8 in April— in spite of the traditional April/off-season fall off of activity. Interesting.

Snowmass Village sales rock. Here’s why: A huge bunch of new developer product, that went pending pre-construction two years ago, closed in Q123. In Apr 2023 specifically, there were (47) newly completed Electric Pass Condos that closed upon issuance of their certificate of occupancy in March. These units went under contract pre-construction Mar-Sep 2021. They are 2-3 bdrms, 932-1547 sq ft selling between$1.35M – $3.2M. The avg sold price/sold $ sq ft was $2,010,000/$1,597 sq ft. In this report, all SMV condo sales, including Electric Pass sales, are totaled together.

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            April 2023 Summary

April 2023 Inventory, Sales, Under contracts/Pendings

Aspen April Sales, Year over Year

Links to Apr 23 Aspen and Snowmass Village Sold Property Photos and Details:
Aspen Apr23 Closed Properties.   
Snowmass Village Apr23 Closed Properties
Vacant Lots Apr23 Closed Properties

Released April 16, 2023.