Strong real estate sales in the first four months of 2014 have provided a serious boost to the city of Aspen’s affordable housing fund. Housing real estate transfer tax (RETT) collections for this past April were up 146% over 2013, and in February, RETT collections were 255% higher than the same month last year. Aspen Snowmass Sotheby’s real estate agent Tim Estin, who tracks the market on his blog, the Estin Report, said “April was an exceptional month. Sales in Aspen are 94% higher for April compared to the same month last year. And year-to-date, dollar volume for real estate sales in Aspen is 50% higher than last year and units sold is seeing a 57% increase.”

Link to article by Carolyn Sackariason, May 13, 2014 ADN

Addendum: Aspen Housing Real Estate Transfer Tax (RETT) collections for June 2014 were up 296 percent from 2013, and Wheeler RETT collections were up 275 percent. For 2014, housing collections are up 96 percent from 2013 and Wheeler collections are up 92 percent.” according to the Aspen Times, in a 07/07/14 article.

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