Bottom Line June & 2023 YTD (1st Half 2023)

At the half year mark , H1 2023 (Jan 1- Jun 30), it is clearly evident the market has slowed considerably yet the metrics you read in various reports around town are not likely to reflect what’s really going on. I try to dig deeper to better understand the context of things,

The market has returned to pre-pandemic “normalcy” of the 2016-2019  years, a theme mentioned throughout the year so far. Normalcy means a healthy, active market but not the explosive ‘urban exodus’ market of 2020-2022.

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Aspen Single Family Home Sales:  In June 2023, buyers paid a median price of $12.4M/$3,124 per sq ft for a single family home in the Aspen market; a year ago, they paid $17M/ $2,533 sq ft,  -27% YOY in price. In the past (3) months, April-June, a total of (20) Aspen single family homes sold: (14) were under $20M, (4) were between $20M-40M and (2) sold over $40M.

Aspen Condo Sales: In June 2023, the median price of Aspen condos is $3.85M/$3,032 sq ft vs $2M/$2,742sq ft last year, up 93% YOY in price.

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Chart: Aspen Condo Prices by Bedroom Count

Snowmass Village Condo Sales:
Snowmass Village unit sales in for H1 2023 are up 69% . Why this surge? A huge tranche of new built condominiums – that went under contract pre-construction two years ago – closed in Apr and May 2023: There were (53) newly completed Electric Pass Condos that closed in March/April and (6) more closed in May upon issuance of their certificate of occupancy.  These new units are 2-3 bdrms, 932-1547 sq ft selling between $1.35M – $3.2M. The avg sold price/sold price per sq ft was $2,010,000/$1,597 sq ft. In this report, all SMV condo sales, including Electric Pass sales, are totaled together.

Snowmass Village Condo Complexes Built 1960’s-1980’s
MED:     $1,213 sq ft   $1,075,000 sold price
AVG:      $1,288 sq ft   $1,269,600 sold price

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Charts: Snowmass Village Condo Prices by Bedroom Count

Aspen Jun 23 Closed Properties.   
Snowmass Village Jun 23 Closed Properties
Vacant Lots Jun 23 Closed Properties


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