Bottom Line
> Nov sales activity cooled over Oct but this can generally be expected in the deep of off-season. However, in the latter part of Nov., Aspen has seen an uptick in pendings/under contracts: up 80% YOY  from (5) last Nov to (9) this Nov; in Snowmass Village, pendings are up 67% YOY, from (3) to (5). Under contracts are seen as an indicator of future activity.
> Across the total Aspen- Snowmass Village market, inventory of properties for sale remains at near historic low levels although it has been inching up incrementally from its all-time low in 2021. For perspective, it is 40-50% lower now than it was in Nov 2020.
> In Aspen, prices show some softening. On average, single family homes are selling at approx. 92% of ask. As might be expected, there are greater discounts on homes over $20M.
> Snowmass Village homes are selling at 93-96% of ask. (For condo specific prices and sales by neighborhood, see Pgs 7 & 9)
>Snowmass Village remains continuously hot – benefiting from its wave-upon-wave of new condo product offerings in Base Village and its half-price value proposition over Aspen.





Links to Nov 23 Aspen and Snowmass Village Sold Property Photos and Details: (Links will expire 30 days after 12.04.23)
Aspen Nov 23 Closed Properties.   
Snowmass Village Nov 23 Closed Properties
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