“As Sothebys’ broker Tim Estin noted in his Jan. 3, 2019 newsletter (sic) recapping 2018, last year was the “third-best year of the past seven since 2012 in terms of sales dollar volume and unit sales.” Estin also tempered headlines about a bursting bubble and looming recession, saying: “I remain cautiously optimistic, a term much over used, with this caveat. There is plenty of Aspen developer inventory remaining in the active listing pipeline that is aggressively and optimistically priced. It is priced accordingly due to limited inventory within their respective property category. New or new-built product continues to command premium pricing and there are solid comparables to justify the high prices. But certainly, some wishful thinking exists within these listings.” ”

Link to article By Rick Carroll, Aspen Times, Jan 6, 2019

Dec.’18 Aspen real estate sales since 2009   Dec.’18 Snowmass Village sales  since 2009
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Released Jan 3. 19

The Estin Report: Dec 2018 & 2018 YR Market Snapshot Aspen Snowmass Real Estate has just been released (a 10-Page statistical breakdown of monthly and year-to-date sales in detail by area, by property type, by neighborhoods). These Monthly Snapshots are posted in my Current Reports Section on or near the 1st Monday of the month. It is the only monthly Aspen market report to be published in a consistent and timely manner.

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